Are we Spartan Safe?

Are we Spartan Safe?

     We attended the Salisbury Gun & Knife Show in Salisbury, NC, this past weekend. We had a blast meeting new people and enjoyed the show. During the show, a common question came up—a question that we debated addressing when we opened our store in Clemmons. We decided against it at the time to try and avoid any more issues in the area. We weren't aware this was still an issue until the show. So, we are going to address it now.

     What's that question? "Is Blue Ridge Safe, Spartan Safe, operating under a different name?" and "Is Blue Ridge Safe affiliated with Spartan Safe?" The answer is NO, we are not. We are in no way, shape, or form affiliated with them, nor have we ever worked with them. Here is a brief rundown of our company's history so you know who we are and how we came to be. We want you to trust us as much as our existing customer base does.

     Here at Blue Ridge Safe, we have been selling Liberty Safes since 2018 and other brands before the current owner bought the business in 2017. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction with high-quality products and outstanding service behind those products. Before we became Blue Ridge Safe, we sold safes out of Duncan Gun Shop in Wilkesboro, NC. Our safe sales began increasing. Due to our volume, we could no longer sell safes where we were and give customers the best quality and service possible. In order to do that, we needed a showroom floor to ensure our customers had the best selection of brands and quality products available. That led us to open our first store location to provide our customers with different manufacturers and a wider selection of models and products offered.

     We opened our first Blue Ridge Safe store in Wilkesboro, NC, in 2022. Not long after that store opened, our Liberty Rep contacted us and told us about the unfortunate bankruptcy incident with the company formerly known as Spartan Safe. We began working hand in hand with our Liberty Rep to help as many people as we could get the safe they originally purchased from Spartan Safe. Or we helped them order a safe with what they previously paid Spartan for and delivered it to them as fast as we could.

     With Spartan Safe going bankrupt, there was a need for a safe store in the area. We searched the area high and low to find the best location for our growing company. As it turns out, Spartan Safe's old storefront was the best location for our second store. We had a team remodel the space and had our grand opening in 2023 at 2711 Lewisville-Clemmons Rd, Clemmons, NC.

     When we first opened, we understandably had a few customers come in upset or disgruntled, thinking that Spartan Safe was back in operation and that we were helping them by operating under a different name. We explained who we were, what had happened with Spartan Safe, and the options we could help them with. Again, we had to work hand in hand with safe manufacturers to do this, but our goal is to help customers. We were able to assist several people during this time and were able to see the relief on their faces when we did.

     Since then, we have expanded our market in the area and expanded our services from just selling safes to offering safe moving and in-home consultations. We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Clemmons & Wilkesboro communities and hope to keep growing and serving the people in each.

     We hope this has addressed any concerns anyone has about whether we are a part of Spartan Safe and who we are. If we missed something, please let us know so we can help clarify what we missed. As always, here at Blue Ridge Safe, we've got your safe, and we deliver!

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