Hollon Cash Safe B2015E

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Hollon B2015E B-Rated Burglar Safe

If you are a business that deals in cash transactions or if you have cash and valuables that require protection within your household, the Hollon B2015E B-Rated Burglar Safe is a wonderful asset for your home or business. It’s important to know that your business’s cash is secure when you are not present.

The Hollon B2015E B-Rated Burglar Safe comes standard with a UL Listed Type 1 Securam Electronic Lock as well as a drill resistant hard plate. The full length locking bar is designed to deter attacks on the hinges. The pre-drilled anchor holes are designed to prevent the safe from being removed when the safe is bolted to the floor. The solid steel door is 1/2” thick and the total thickness of the door is 3”. It features a removable shelf and an active spring loaded re-locker as well as (4) 1-1/4″ massive chrome plated solid steel active locking bolts.

When your business or home is in need of securing cash and valuables, the Hollon B2015E B-Rated Burglar Safe is a great solution!


  • “B” Rated Burglary Construction
  • 1/2″ Solid Steel Door
  • 1/8" Steel Body
  • Total Door Thickness: 3″
  • (4) 1-1/4″ Massive Chrome Plated Solid Steel Active Locking Bolts
  • UL Listed Type 1 Securam Electronic Lock
  • (1) Drill Resistant Hard Plate
  • (1) Active Spring Loaded Re-locker
  • (1) Full Length Locking Bar to Deter Attacks on the Hinges
  • (1) Removable Shelf
  • (4) Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes (hardware not included)


  • Exterior Dimensions: 20” H x 15” W x 15” D
  • Interior Dimensions: 19-3/4” H x 14-3/4” W x 12” D
  • Weight: 80 lbs.