Rhino 6 Gun Swing Out Rack System

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Swing Out Gun Rack provides a fast, easy way to access many long guns in a safe.

  • 12 Rifle Rods Included
  • Access Many Long Guns Without Removing Other Firearms
  • Dramatically Reduces Risk of Damage to Firearms
  • Most Space-Efficient and Convenient Way to Store Firearms
  • Padded Butt and Barrel Rests
  • Floor Storage Under Rack
  • Long Guns Stored Barrel Up or Down
  • Easy Installation
  • Fits Following Series by Model

    Ironworks and Rhino Series:

  • AIW/A6033
  • AIW/A6636
  • RSB/CD6030
  • RSX/CX6030
  • RSB/CD6636
  • RSX/CX6636